Everyone wants a successfully executed and fun game, but unclear design and development disorganization can hinder this goal. I understand this and I have a procedure. I've successfully designed and produced games for many clients, and I can do it for you.




Contact me and over a 15 minute free consultation we will figure out what you need, when you need it, how big your team is, if you need a team, and what your budget is.



I will make a plan that will fit within your budget and hit whatever metrics you need it to hit. I can even put a team together to fill in the holes that you need filled.



You will get a roadmap of everything you need to do to make your product fun. In some cases, I will fully develop your game for you depending on your budget and needs.

Location Based VR

Other Games

Mobile Games


He doesn’t just accomplish a task or project but brings it to life. Joe lead a team of designers and engineers to develop a product that was not only easy to use for but also engaging and left the user’s feeling accomplished.
— Natasha Pabrai
While Joe had never worked for a healthcare start-up, he came every day with a deep passion for making an engaging, effective and gameful experience for our patient users. He left us with not only a great MVP, but also a superb design road-map for how we can continue to enrich our experience over time.
— Spencer Hutchins
His empathy for the player guides his thinking on how to make a complex system feel intuitive to users, which creates great games that people love to play. Joe does what few people try—he poses the question, “What makes something fun?” and the resulting deconstruction of fun into its components enables him to create successful experiences time and time again.
— Lira Samanta
I was especially struck by Joe’s ability to communicate. He approaches each interaction with patience, enthusiasm, and an open mind. He puts others at ease and in doing so, creates a place in which ideas can be exchanged and enriched freely and without judgement.
— Eric Goldin
Joe is a talented game designer that strives to present his audience with compelling well-balanced gameplay without losing sight of the overall goals of the game. He’s an easy-going individual who was able to get his points across in a professional manner and work well with the rest of the team to keep his projects moving forward.
— Henrik Markarian
I’m impressed with Joe’s work.
— Nolan Bushnell (father of the video game industry)