Tangible Games

My design philosophy expand beyond digital games, and have proven to be effective in tangible experiences as well. I love developing all genres on all platforms. I don’t “find the fun“, I create it.


St. Noire


I designed this board game from concept to production. This was a unique challenge because it was an Alexa Board Game that’s also a narrative murder mystery. I had a lot of fun designing this one.

legends of frontierland

Live action role playing experience - 2014

I designed a live action role playing experience at Disneyland that was played in Frontierland in the summer of 2014.  I developed the logic, gameplay requirements,  game design document, and social hooks.

astrologer af

card game - 2017

I designed this card game for astrology enthusiasts. I did design, layout, balancing, and production.

know more friends

card game - 2017

I designed this card game as a high tension experience, to get to know your friends better. I did all the design, layout, balancing, and production.

Lucha underground: stacked card

card game - 2017

Combining my love of pro wrestling and card games, I designed this game to pitch to Lucha Underground. I did all the art, design, layout, production, and balancing.